What hearings will my child have in juvenile court in Orange County, California?

There are 7 types of hearings in juvenile court:

Detention Hearing
If your child is locked up for more than 2 days, he or she will have a detention hearing within 3 court days. (A court day is a day the court is open.) The judge will decide if your child can go home before the next hearing.

The Pretrial or Settlement Conference
In many counties, there is a court date to try to solve the problem without a trial.

Hearings on Motions
These are court dates to work out different things. Motion hearings can come up any time during the case.

Fitness or Waiver Hearing
This is a type of hearing that decides whether your child will be tried in adult court or juvenile court. If the judge decides that your child is “unfit” for juvenile court, he/she will be tried as an adult. This won’t happen if your child is under 14.

Jurisdiction Hearing
This is the hearing when the judge will decide whether or not your child committed the crime he/she is being accused of.

Disposition Hearing
This hearing is to decide how your child will be punished for the crime he/she has committed. This verdict may be announced on the same day as the jurisdiction hearing. If the judge has ruled that your child did not committed the crime, then there will be now disposition hearing.

Review Hearings
Occasionally, there will be hearings to review your child’s progress.

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