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Juvenile Disposition Hearing

At a juvenile disposition hearing the judge can order one of several things. They are: -Your child may be ordered to stay home with you under strict supervision for up to 6 months, either formal supervision or probation supervision -Your child might be placed on probation and must live with a relative, in an institution, in a group home […]

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Foster parents and Caregivers: Testifying in Court

If you are a foster parent or a caregiver, you may be called upon to testify in court on as a witness in juvenile dependency hearings. On of the lawyers involved in the case will contact you to let you know that you may be requested to answer some questions on the stand, in some cases you […]

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Juvenile Court in Orange County

July 29, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Juvenile Court,juvenile defense law   |   0 Comment

The juvenile court is part of the superior court and there are three types of cases they deal with: Juvenile Delinquency cases, Juvenile Status Offense cases, and Juvenile Dependency cases. Juvenile Delinquency cases involve minors that commit crimes that would be considered illegal even if they were adults. Juvenile Status Offenses cases involve a minor that commit offenses […]

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What hearings will my child have in juvenile court in Orange County, California?

There are 7 types of hearings in juvenile court: Detention Hearing If your child is locked up for more than 2 days, he or she will have a detention hearing within 3 court days. (A court day is a day the court is open.) The judge will decide if your child can go home before […]

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What happens at the juvenile court jurisdiction hearing?

Often a child will admit to doing some of what they are accused of. The lawyer will talk to your child about what he or she should say in court. If there is a trial, the district attorney will make a case against your child. Then your child’s lawyer will present the defense. The judge […]

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Juvenile Justice System Orange County

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Superior Court of California,  Lamoreaux Justice Center The California Orange County Juvenile Justice System is consist of representatives from the Juvenile Court, Probation Department, Public Defender and District Attorney. Part 1: highlights the role of the Public Defender and District Attorney. Orange County Juvenile Justice Judge’s Role Part 2: highlights the role of the Probation […]

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